Tetracycline resistance gene (tet a) in escherichia coli strains isolated from biofilm in drinking water system in poultry farms

Mehrdad Ostadpoor,1,* Majid gholami- ahangaran,2 Asiye ahmadi-dastgerdi,3

1. Azad University of shahrekord
2. Azad University of shahrekord



The aim of this study is the occurrence of tetracycline resistance determinant teta gene in escherichia coli (e. coli) strains that isolated from biofilms in dirinking water system in poultry farms


. for this, 60 samples were obtained from 6 different broiler chicken flocks in isfahan province. identification of e. coli was carried out by performing cultural and biochemical tests. antimicrobial resistance test was carried out using disc diffusion method. the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) was carried out to detect teta gene conferring resistance to tetracycline


The microbiological results showed that 12 samples (20%) were yielded e. coli. 9 isolates (75%) were resistant to tetracycline in disc diffusion method. the results of pcr demonstrated that 33% of the total isolates contained teta gene.


Based on the presence of teta gene in tetracycline resistant e. coli in biofilm of drinking water system in poultry farms, there is a risk that this gene can be easily spread to other bacteria and from chicken to human.


Chicken, tetracycline resistance, water supply.