Knife detection and treatment of cancer

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Cancer is a basic unit of; like a bag that contains proteins; fatty acids; carbohydrates ; and vitamins such as dna; the ability to grow; replicate; and replicate the characteristic of living cells. the genetic structure of growth ; the division of the time of death determine sit it . in normal mode; the replacement of worn-out cell with young cells becomes naturalized by a regular program; and the process of cell growth and cell turnover is content in the body. cancer is a condition in which cell lose their ability to divide normally; and this leads to the conquest; destruction; and loss of healthy tissues. it is caused by the accumulation of these cancer cells and the destruction of healthy tissue cells called tumors. if the tumor end up in thin layer and do not spread to other tissues and organs; the tumor is benign or non-cancerous; and if the tumor is spreading or potentially spreading and deflecting other tissues; it is called malignant or non –cancerous.


Commonly used treatments for cancer include: 1- chemotherapy 2- surgical 3- radiation therapy 4-gene therapy 5-biological treatment 6- use of nano-robots 7- stem cell transplantation these methods have a newer; more modern and advanced method of treating other treatments; also called cancer diagnosis and treatment knives. now we want to make a device like that and make other changes. among the changes that can be said; instead of using catalysts using lasers and nanoparticles; the main components of this device are the following: 1-cutting knife 2-the mass spectrometer system; which itself consists of a different part; a) sample input system b) ionic production source c)ion degrading device d)ion detector r) spectrum recording system 3-laser 4-vacuum compartment and vacuum pump 5-monitor how the device works: vertical or horizontal incisions are triggered by the suspicious tissue of the nanoparticles; when activated; this knife only covers the damaged part; which does not harm the healthy tissue of the side. when the tumor is detected; the green light is displayed on the monitor; and until the texture is completely removed; the light remains on. if the doctor accidentally used a suspicious mass and this method was used and the affected area was not cancerous; the red light would be displayed; which in any case would eliminate that mass. the nanoparticles of ion after their work is completed; and from there to the detector; and finally sent to the monitor by the spectrum recording system.


This device was made by researchers from the uk and hungary; which has been tested on 313 patients. and now it is used in other hospitals in the two countries ; researchers say that about 80%of cancers have improved and no need to be re- surgical ; especially in breast ; stomach ; lung ; and other invasive cancers ; but we want all cancers use aggressive and non-aggressive . british doctors use this device for 3 seconds; our time may be high; but due to changes; it can compensate for this.


Given that the methods described are individually harmful to patients; this method is a better alternative; in the field of medicine; all of which must be up –to –date. cancer patients also have to pay a lot of money for their treatment; so most of them do not have these costs and consequently lose their lives. but despite this progress; all patients ; even those who do not have the financial means ; can also be treated and treated ; and they also have a higher life expectancy because for life expectancy .


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