The association of the polymorphism of the gene xrcc1 (arg399gln) with the risk of prostate cancer

Sheida Delkhosh,1 , farzaneh tafvizi,2 Zahra tahmasebi fard,3,*

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The xrcc1 gene encodes a protein that is involved in the open editing system, because of the important role of the xrcc1 gene, the polymorphism of this gene can increase the risk of neoplasm in humans. the present study was conducted to find out the relationship between xrcc1 polymorphisms and prostate cancer.


In this case-control study, 156 patients with prostate cancer and 156 healthy individuals who were geographically matched were included in the study. polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp) were used to determine the genotype. following this, the allelic and genotypic frequencies of snps were analyzed by statistical analysis.


In arg399gln polymorphism, no significant difference was observed in the allele and genotype frequency with the risk of prostate cancer between case and control groups (p> 0.05). in addition, arg/gln genotype had a significant difference risk of pca among heavy smokers. also there was not a significant relationship between family history and risk of pca. in addition there was not a significant relationship between gleason score and genotype frequency


The xrcc1 arg399gln polymorphism, was not estimated the risk factor for prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer, case-control study, arg399gln polymorphism