Comparison of the effect of montain savory and dandelion on postpartum pain

Elnaz Abedini,1 Mohammad asadi,2,*

1. 19 mayıs univercity of Turkey
2. shahid beheshti uni



Postpartum pain relief in an effective way without danger so that not to disturb mother’s ability to take care of her child is required. postpartum pain is associated with reduced resistance against infections, increased use of analgesics and delayed wound healing. this study was performed with aim to compare the effect of montain savory and dandelion on postpartum pain


This three-group randomized clinical trial was performed on 100 pregnant women who had referred to samsun hospital for postpartum in 2017. aromatherapy with 3 drops of essence was fulfilled on two intervention groups immediately after the onset of pain, 4, 8 and 12 hours after it. aromatherapy using normal saline was fulfilled on the control group in the same way. severity of pain was evaluated using visual analogue scale before and half an hour after each four interventions.


mean of pain severity before the intervention was not significantly different between the three groups but with the test, there is a significant difference


There was no significant difference between of montain savory and dandelion groups in reducing postpartum pain, therefore, the use of both aromas is recommended as simple, noninvasive and inexpensive technique to reduce postpartum pain.


montain savory , dandelion ,postpartum pain