Applications and efficacy of platelet-rich plasma in cosmetic and dermatology

Mohammad Hadian jazi,1,* Roxana zandi,2 Ronak zandi,3 Sogand mirzaaghayi,4

1. Student Research Committee, Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch
2. Islamic Azad University Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch
3. Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch
4. Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch



Beauty challenge is one of the difficulties in the recent decades and because of the expenses, length of treatment and recovery duration, many medicinal methods was presented. one of the medicinal methods was prp that many practitioners discussed about it; in this article we’re going to talk about prp and its efficacy on many topics as dermatology, hair loss and orthopedics which have received extensive publicity these days in our country. platelet-rich plasma (p.r.p.), is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein and growth factors derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. increased levels of growth factors improve signaling and recruitment of cells to an injury site and optimize the environment for healing. this treatment is also known as autologous conditioned plasma (a.c.p.), has been used to assist in the treatment and recovery of injuries.


We searched the cochrane wounds specialized register, central, medline (through pubmed), embase, and scopus. on additional searched clinical trials registries for continuous and unpublished research and checked reference lists to recognize additional research.


Prp stimulates new follicles and deactivates follicles, it has demonstrated effects on the activity of dpc (dermal papilla cells).a recent study has divided 40 hair transplant into two groups (prp-treated and non-prp-treated) after 6-month all of them were evaluated with the hair growth and activity in dormant follicles. a histopathological study on 68 patients proved that prp injection alone is more effective than microdermabrasion in the healing of stria distance and the combination of these two was better in a short period. a trial on twenty asian females has shown that prp is significantly effective for skin rejuvenation, compared with ppp and normal saline, which proves that prp is more safety and more easily applied. a recent study also showed that the prp injection in three sessions at one month resulted in improvement of skin elasticity. on the other hand, prp shows great effects on fractional co2 from facial rejuvenation to acne and scars. however, the significant effectiveness of prp in orthopedic line (as osteoarthritis of knee and various orthopedic indications) has not been reported, saying that no significant risk regarding this prp has been reported so far as well. although some of the studies have shown that there is a success to some extent for prp injection in the case of graft maturation. the point we should mention is that we could not generalize that result in the whole 7 studies though. however, prp can play an important role on foregoing subjects but there are still some lingering questions about it.


To wrap-up the following items, the platelet-rich plasma has positive effects on dermatology, wound healing and hair growth. to study the efficacy of prp on dermatologic therapy we have found several advantages that there is some literature about dermatological applications such as facial rejuvenation, scar, strea distance (s.d.) and synergistic effect with fractional co2 but the following applications show few side effects after prp injection .furthermore, we have summarized the usage of prp on hair growth and it has shown prp as a new treatment in hair loss and it has a beneficial role in hair growth. but in one of the orthopedic subjects indicates that prp can increase the quality of healing, not the rate of healing, and there are still some continuous efforts in our knowledge on the human skeleton. in conclusion, we need more details to discuss before clinical applications but the role of prp in dermatology is an exciting frontier that may gradually lead to superior therapies in the near future.


Platelet-rich plasma , dermatology, cosmetic