The apoptotic effects of progesterone on adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer

Erfaneh Dalghi,1 erfaneh dalghi,2,* Mohadeseh shayghan,3

1. Islamic Azad University
2. Islamic Azad University
3. Islamic Azad University



Sex steroid hormones have diverse effects on cancer cells, however, the cellular and molecular basis is somehow unknown. the aim of this study was to investigate the effects progesterone on apoptosis in adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer cells.


In this laboratory-experimental study, ht29 cells were purchased from pasture institute and divided into control group and group exposed to cytotoxic dose of progesterone . real-time pcr was used to evaluate bax and bcl2 genes expression levels. the data were statistically analyzed between groups using anova.


Apoptotic bax expression level significantly decreased and anti-apoptotic bcl2 expression level significantly increased (p<0.01) and decreased(p<0.05), respectively in adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer cells exposed to cytotoxic concentration of progesterone in cell culture.


The results of this study indicated that progesterone can induce apoptosis in adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer cells leading to cell death in cancer cells.


Progesterone , apoptosis, adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer