Nano particles and pharmaceuticals

Sina Mansoori,1,*

1. institute for advanced studies in basic sciences Zanjan



The standard pharmaceutical system actually follows two components. the size of the drug and next to it is the impact of the efficiency of the drug in the body. some of the most important problems in treating cancer are in fact incorrect markup in cancer cells. physical shooting techniques in the body. the quantum dot and fluorescence imaging sections and the mri contrast agents that contain nanoparticles are in fact the effect of the intelligent pharmacology (carrier) of the epr effect of the growth of tumors and vascular nutrition in the body. in fact, a drug that carries long-lived nanoparticles it is accumulated in the tumor and its material is released at a certain rate. a new generation of this pharmacy is performed with the help of pamam and ppi dendrimers. pamam dendrimers contain nuclei of ammonia compounds the synthesis of this method is divergent, which is a structure of and is used to react between units of oh, which is a reactive methyl acrylate and linker group acrylates are used in the polymer family, also known as vinyl polymer. its primary structure consists of ch2-chn ---- c-o-r, which is water-repellent for the detection of cancerous tumors of this substance. in fact, smart nanoparticles can actually be used to treat cancer tumors through nano-dendrimers.


In fact, it can be said that the dendron is a greek word meaning the tree, and mer also means "propagation". in fact, these dendrimers are a branched molecule that is a repeating monomer and can carry the structure or materials to the site itself specifically transmitted, and this repetition is repeated in the last parts of the dendrimers. the dendrimers are very flexible and their branches can enter into the droplet of the resulting molecule in a globular protein appearance. in dendrimers, instead of using ab monomic units, which in fact generates dendrimers can be made with units of n = 3.2 for this purpose, there are two types of structures in the dendrimers that are the phrase: divergent synthesis: the nucleus is the beginning of the matter and has a molecular level convergent synthesis: it also has an internal focal point. in fact, it can be said


Chiralite in dendrimers is caused by the presence of branches that are chemically identical but structurally different (chiral species). due to the distinctions that can be made with chiral compounds in these species, chiral dendrimers are also effective in the purposeful release of drugs and the detection of chiral compounds in the body. poly dendrimers (pamamos = poly (amidoamine-organosilicon)) which are radially converted to a single-molecular maisley, the polyamido-amine (pamam) core friend inside and the organo-silicon (os= organosilicon) hydrophilic is placed outside. dendrimers containing peptide on the surface of the traditional dendrimer body and dendrimers containing amino acids are defined as peptide dendrimers. these peptides can be located in branch or core units. due to its biological and therapeutic properties, peptide dendrimers play an important role in various areas such as cancer, antibacterial, antiviral, central nervous system, anesthetics, asthma, allergies, and calcium metabolism. due to their absorption into the cell, peptides are very useful for drug delivery. among the dendrimers are pamams that are highly regarded in drug delivery. the following figure shows a pamam dendrimer with three generations. many of the pamam dendrimers with modified levels do not stimulate the immune system, they are soluble in water, and contain variable endpoint amines that can be joined to guest or different target molecules. the inner cavity of the pamam dendrimers, due to its unique structure, which contains triple amine and amide connections, can host metal or guest molecules.


Dendrimers are the dual structure of the polymeric friend that can stay in the body with this property and carry medication in the form of truffle.