Investigation of the relationship between akt expression changes in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line jurkat e6.1 under treatment with chemoherapy drug of thiosemicarbazone(ni)

Faranak Daneshi mamaghani,1,* Golnaz asaadi tehrani,2 Azadeh mirza ahmadi,3

3. University of Tabriz



Leukemia or leukemia includes a group of cancers that usually start with bone marrow and produce and reproduce a large number of abnormal white blood cells.the aim of this study was to investigate the role of pharmacokinetics of akt gene expression chages in the akt/pi3k signal pathway path way in acute lymphoblasic leukemia cell line jurkat e6.1 under treatment with thiosemicarbazone complexes.


Thiosemicarbazone complex (ni) was prepared at different concentrations(0.5-2macro molar).the jurkat e6.1 cancer cells after the passage of cells in different groups and times(24-48 hour)were performed and akt gene expression was evaluated by real time pcr.results were analyzed by resr relative rest analysis software.


Studies in this study showed that there was no significant reduction in expression of akt gene in (24 hour )treatment with ni treatment.also ,during 48 hours(2 macro molar),significant reduction was observed.


The changes of akt expression are influenced by ni drug and reduce the expression of this oncogene.


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia,akt,jurkat,thiosemicarbazone