The effect of thiosemicarbazones complexes (ni) on changes in nalt1 expression in the regulation of the notch signal pathway in the acute lymphoblastic leukemia class jurkat e6.1

Nedaa Zahmatkesh,1,* Dr.golnaz asaadi,2 mirzaahmadi,3

1. Zanjan Azad University



Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all) is the most common cancer in children. it consists of about a quarter of all cancers among people under the age of 15 years. acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a type of leukemia and bone marrow. searching for the cytotoxic activity of thiosemicarbazones and their metallic complex, creates a variety of different types of human tumor cells. the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of thiosemicarbazones drug on the expression of long non coding nalt1 in the notch signal pathway in acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the jurkat e.6.1 cell line.


Thiosemicarbazones complex ni was prepared. different doses of ni were investigated with mtt test. then, the thiosemicarbazones complex ni was prepared at 0.5 and 1doses and the jurkat e.6.1 cancer cells with cell culture in two doses with 24 hours with thiosemicarbazones complex ni were investigated. rna extraction and cdna synthesis were performed and the expression of long non coding nalt1 and gapdh gene was evaluated as real time pcr house keeping gene. finally, the results were analyzed by rest software.


Results of the research showed that the expression of long non coding nalt1 significantly decreased after treatment with thiosemicarbazones complex ni with (p-value < 0.001)


Given the results, it has been found that doses of 0.5 and 1 ni in 24 hours are the optimal doses and time of the effect of this complex.


Lncrna nalt1, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, thiosemicarbazones ni