Effect of vitamin d3 on female sexual function

Raziyeh Navidmehr,1,* Shahideh jahanian sadatmahalleh ,2 Anoshirvan kazemnejad,3

1. Tarbiat Modares University
2. Tarbiat Modares University
3. Tarbiat Modares University



According to the who, gender is a central aspect of human life throughout life that includes gender, identity and gender role, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy, and reproduction. everyone has the right to access sexual information and to experience sexual intercourse for pleasure or reproduction .based on studies conducted in 60 countries, at least 40-45% of adult women have a manifestation of sexual dysfunction, damage to quality of life, psychological problems, and couples divorce are undesirable effects of sexual dysfunction, which in many countries are a social taboo. many physical, psychological, and social factors can affect sexual performance, low levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin d (25(oh)d) appear to be related to sexual dysfunction in women.vitamin d is a steroid hormone that plays a very important role in bone metabolism, neuromuscular system, and the immune system and cardiovascular system. vitamin d3 also plays a significant role in biology in female reproduction. in human ovarian tissue, 25(oh)d produces progesterone up to 13%, production of 9% estradiol and estrogen production by 21%. probably, vitamin d3 deficiency in women may result in sexual dysfunction.


A literature search was conducted through pub med to identify vitamin d3 deficiency and sexual dysfunctional related studies.


A variety of studies have been carried out and statistical methods have been used, its seen that women who vitamin d3 deficiency levels total fsfi (female sexual function index) score was insignificantly lower in women with vitamin d deficiency than in women with vitamin d insufficiency and normal, especially in three domains (sexual desire, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction) .prescribing vitamin d3 to women who were deficient, improved sexual desire, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction and increased the their fsfi score and if prescribing to women with vitamin d insufficiency, it only improve desire stage.


The results have shown that administered vitamin d supplementation improves female sexual functioning in women with low vitamin d status.


Sexual dysfunction, fsfi, vitamin d3