Electrospun pva/pvp/chitosan membrane with controlled release of antibiotics for intraperiodontal pocket drug delivery

Donya Barfar,1,* Shahla mirzaeei,2

1. Student Research Committee, School of Pharmacy, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran
2. Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center, School of Pharmacy, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran



Gingivitis and periodontitis have become major public health problem in the world. such growing incidence of periodontitis has directly affected the development of drug delivery systems. local drug delivery devices have been developed that aim to deliver a high concentration of antimicrobial drugs directly to the affected site, while minimizing drug's systemic exposure.


Electrospun nanofibers were explored using tetracycline as a model drug. nanofibers including chitosan (cs)/poly vinyl alcohol/ polyvinylpyrrolidone and antibiotic were successfully prepared using electrospinning. scanning electron microscopy (sem) and fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ftir) were used. the kinetic and drug release mechanism of drug-loaded electrospun samples were also investigated by ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry (uv-vis) and the appropriate model was proposed for prediction of drug release. antimicrobial activity, and cytotoxicity test using human dental pulps were tested.


Ftir analysis showed the characteristic of polymer and tetracycline without any added peaks after the process. sem showed uniform and conformable structure of nanofibers. in vitro release studies showed that drug concentrations were maintained above the mic value for the period of the release studies. electrospun scaffold showed great antibacterial activity in bacterial culture. the scaffold maintained its antibiotic activity throughout the processes of electrospinning and gas sterilization.


Tetracyclin delivery-controlled system, transported in polymer nanofibers was developed to increase the bioavailability of the drug in contact pocket. these controlled intra-pocket devices also help in the maintenance of therapeutic drug concentration for the desired period of time.


Periodontitis, periodontal pockets, nanofiber, intra-pocket devices