Investigation of epigenetic effects of disulfiram on the demethylation of rassf1a gene promoter in breast cancer cell line mcf-7

Leila Noori,1,* Zahra babazadeh,2 Mohsen poorghasem,3

1. babol university of medical sciences
2. babol university of medical sciences
3. babol university of medical sciences



Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women with very high mortality rates in the world. genetic and epi-genetic studies for early detection and treatment are important and this regard, in order to assess the rassf1a promotor methylation in breast cancer cell line, this research was conducted. remarkably, observing the un-methylated band in promoter of rassf1a gene in breast treated cancerous cell line of mcf-7 with disulfiram by msp method was one of the most important purposes of this project.


The breast cancerous cell line of mcf-7 purchased from pausture institute of iran.they were treated for1 to 3 days with dsf in different doses(2.5 up to 37.5 µl) in triplicate repetition in order to find of the ic50 dose. mtt assay was done for cell viability.


Correspondingly, the results of mtt method indicated that the cancerous cell line of mcf-7 which were treated with 5,10,12.5 and 15 µl with dsf, had 40 to 60 percent alive cells. in treatment for 3 days, the doses of 5, 10, 12.5 and 15 µl had methylated and un-methylated bands.considerably, the treatment for 3 days, was partial methylated. for treatment of 1 day, the doses 5,10,12.5 and 15 µl were shown the methylated band and only the un-methylated band was observed in dose of 15 µldoses .so that the partial methylated was existed in treatment for one day in dose of 15 µl.


Consequently, seems that the dsf needs more than 3 days treatment or high doses for demethylation of the promotor of rassf1a in breast cancerous cell line mcf-7.


Epi-genetic|rassf1a gene| dsf drug| breast cancer| methylation