Epigenetic mechanisms as therapeutic targets

Masoumeh Fardi seyghalani,1,*

1. Tabriz University of Medical Science (TUOMS)



epigenetics, in conjunction with genetic mechanisms, determine the biological fate of cells and living organisms. epigenetic variation is inherited somatically and unlike genetic variation, it is dynamic and reversible, therefore, they are considered as suitable targets for the treatment of many malignancies. the purpose of this paper is to review recent researches into the application of epigenetic modifications either to detect recurrence or to determine response or progression to therapy.


In this article we review some of the recent advances in epigenetic therapy. articles related to the topic were extracted using relevant keywords from medline database during 2000-2017.


Epigenetic changes precede tumorigenesis thus proposed as prognostic indicators of disease progression. for this reason, we investigated epigenetic modifications and their impact on gene regulation as a major contributor to the evolution of natural and malignant cells to open up new horizons for discovering new therapeutic and pharmaceutical methods.


Epigenetic therapy, alone or in combination with classical treatments has a major role in reversing drug resistance, reducing pharmacological doses and side-effects.though it can reduce medical complications and improve patient quality of life.


Epigenetics - therapy - cancer - epigenetic therapy