Simple solution to prevent prostate cancer

Ali Aameri siahooei,1,*

1. Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences



Men above fifty five years old are at high risk for malignant prostate cancer. currently surgery is the only treatment and the patients must use medicine post-operation and life-long. this may exert extreme side effects and reduce their quality of life. on the other hand; in some cases cancer cells start to multiply again. there is a simple solution for prevention of prostate cancer that we want introduce it.


The prostate cancer cells need glutamine amino acid for their proliferation. two substances; ursolic acid and resveratrol can inactivate some enzymes which prevent reabsorption of glutamine. therefore they can stop cancer cell proliferation. on the other hand curcumin can cause apoptosis of cancer cells and destroy them. ursolic acid, curucmin and resveratrol exist in skin of red apple, turmeric and black grapes respectively which are readily available and their consumption together as potion can be useful.


Consumption of resveratrol and ursolic acid simultaneously could extremely reduce danger of prostate cancer by decreasing glutamine reabsorption in cancer cells. in addition; curcumin consumption causes apoptosis in cancer cells that destroy them. therefor we can use it for prevention of prostate cancer.


Since three above substances (resveratrol ,curcumin, ursolic acid) exist in available compounds like skin of red apple, turmeric and black grapes, men above forty years old can reduce risk of prostate cancer by combining a big apple with some turmeric and black grapes (as a potion). so it can protect from prostate cancer.