Evaluatin of expression of hif-1alpha gene in various types of colon polyps

Shirin Khatibi,1,*



Cancer in iran after cardiovascular diseases and accidents is the yhird leading cause of death. research has shown that hif-1α plays a role in regulating the response of tumor cells to hypoxia by regulating the expression of genes involved in angiogenesis. the aim of this study was to evaluate the hif-1α gene in hyperplastic polyps and adenoma of the large intestine and its association with the pathological characteristics of polyps.


In this descriptive analytical study, from 2016 to 2017, 54 biopsy samples from patients with colon polyp with their normal pair of tissues and 10 normal subject in healthy subjects from the gastrointestinal tract of taleghani hospital, demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients were collected. extracting rna and synthesizing cdna. the hif-1α gene expression was evaluated using real-time pcr. the finding were analyzed using software 7500 system sds version 2.3 and software version 5 prism. the rate of gene expression changes in different groups of polyps was studied in comparision with the normal group of healthy subjects and normal pair with 2-ct method


In this study, 54 patients with polypsm 26 had polyp adenoma, and 28 had hyperplastic polyps. no significant defference was observed in the expression of hif-1α gene amng the group of polyps compared to the normal group of healthy subjects ( p: 0.1043 , 0.5Conclusion According to the results, in the development od colon polyps to cancerous, other molecular pathways are involved and the hif-1α gene has a lower role in the onset of carcinogenesis in colorectal.


Colorectah, hif-1alpha, expression, polyp, crc