Effect of extract of origanum vulgare on the activity of alanine aminotransferase enzyme in healthy and diabetic mice

Najmeh Jaberi,1,* Abolfazl nosrati ,2 Sheyda asmarianali ghorbani ranjbary ,3 Ali ghorbani ranjbary ,4



Wild thyme is a great medicinal plant that grows in different areas of the mediterranean and some parts of asia.present study for investigating the effects of hydroalcoholic extract of the wild thyme of origanum vulgare on level alanine aminotransferase enzyme in normal and streptozotocin-diabetic rats was performed.


In this experiment, 100 adult male wistar rats were divided into 10 groups. the control group (group1) that they only received food and water. the control group (group2) received saline per day and three experimental groups (groups3-5) that intraperitoneally received low dose (100mg), medium dose(200mg) and maximum dose(400mg) of wild thyme extract in healthy and diabetes group per day for 18 days. after 18 days, all animals in the different groups were weighted and blood samples were taken from their cardiac venous. various biochemical parameters were evaluated by standard methods.


The results showed that the level of aminotransferase enzyme in liver tissue due to damage showed significant increase in serum of diabetic animals and in extract-treated diabetic rats and showed significant decrease in the level of this enzymes is compared with diabetic controls.


The compounds in hydroalcoholic extracts of wild thyme herb and studies show that wild thyme can be appropriate medication to reduce hepatic enzymes and prevent liver disorders and toxicity.


Wild thyme, alanine aminotransferase enzyme , diabetes, mice