Bioinformatics evaluation of hsa-mir-548g related to single nucleotide polymorphism (rs1803622) of gapdh gene in patients suffering from breast cancer

Sajede Naghiyan fesharaki,1,* Amirhossein esmaeili,2 Kamran ghaedi,3

1. Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Science,Babol Branch,Islamic Azad University,Babol,Mazandaran,Iran
3. Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Department of Biology, faculty of science, University of Isfahan, Iran



Breast cancer is one of the most prevailing cancer among females. gapdh gene is located on chromosome l on position of gapdh. the surveys showed that this gene is concerned with breast cancer. inhibition of gapdh by the aid of gapdh inhibitor could be polymorphisms are considered as genetic marker related to many of the genetic disease. micro rnas are counted as bio- markers with regulation and control of genes at level of mrna genes that enforce their effects. our aim is assessment of bioinformatics analysis of hsa-mir-548g related pathways concerned with single nucleotide (rs1803622) gene of gapdh and affliction of breast cancer.


. that is why databases such as ncbi, mirnasnp,mirwalk2.0,phemomir,mirbase and david have been used


. due to the studies in rs1803622. have determined the position of this snp g allele to t conversion, that caused possible effected on function and connection of this area with micro rnas. the performed studies on hsa-mir-548g determined that , this micro rna with a high level of effect on 3’utr, is a subscript of il6r connection.


. regarding to this confirmation of the hsa-mir-548g role in breast cancer by the aid of data bases for assessment of signaled routes concerned with the use of data base david, this micro rns has been choosen for next analysis stages. according to this, g allele in position of this snp can be related with breast cancer


Single nucleotide polymorphisme (rs1803622), gapdh gene, micro rna (hsa-mir-548g), breast cancer