The relationship between tph1 (rs1800532) and tph2 (rs4570625) polymorphisms in type 1 bipolar patients compared with healthy subjects

Ava Rasouli,1 Mehrnaz narooie nejad,2,*

1. zahedan university of medical sciences - paramedical faculty
2. ,zahedan university of medical sciences , medical faculty, department of genetics



Bipolar disorder has episodes of depression and mania or hypomonia. several serotonin-associated genes correlated with sb have been studied like tryptophan hydroxylase (tph1 and tph2 )


In this study,109 bd patients and 109 age and gender-matched healthy subjects were recruited as control group.the polymorphisms of tph1 (rs1800532) and tph2 (rs4570625) genes were identified using the polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp) technuque.


There is positive association with bd was found in cc genotype (p values=0.04 ; or =0.5 , 95% cl in 0.2-1) for tph1 gene polymorphism (rs1800532) , but not for other genotypes and alleles . this association was not age related . there was no significant differences in the genotype and allelic frequency distributions of tph2-703g/t between the bipolar patients and healthy control groups.


in this study there is an association with a tph1 gene variant, while there is no association with the variant of tph2 gene . these results are in agree with some studies of other populations,but are different from many studies.there in a need for more investigations.


Bipolar disorder tph1 tph2