The effects of vitamin d3 supplement on clinical course of patients with migraine

Afsoon Talaie- zanjani,1,* Fardin faraji,2

1. Islamic Azad University, Arak branch
2. Arak University of Medical Sciences



Migraine is one of the most common headaches all around the world including iran. considering that some studies have shown the deficiency of vitamin d3 in migraine, the goal of this study, was to assess the effect of vitamin d3 therapy in migraine.


The 88 patients with migraine were examined by a neurologist and after performing brain mri or ct-scan, fbs, tsh, esr, cbc, etc. and considering the inclusion criteria entered the study. after filling out the consent form, demographic and migraine disability assessment score (midas) questionnaires were filled out. the vit d3 serum level was checked and patients with vit d3 deficiency ( vit d3 < 30 ) were included . the case group received a vitamin d3 50000 iu weekly for three months other than the migraine treatment (nortriptyline tablet10 mg at night , and sodium valproate tablet 200mg at noun). the control received placebo in addition to migraine routine. at the end of study , the vit d3 serum level and midas questionnaires were rechecked .


The results showed that there was significant statistical difference between vitamin d3 serum level after intervention between case and control groups and also frequency of attacks reduced significantely(p-v<0.05). midas score difference in the two groups was not significant (p-v>0.05).


This study showed that supplementary vitamin d3 is effective in reducing the frequency of attacks of headache, however, it is not effective in reducing headache intensity according to midas.


Headache , midas , migraine, vitamin d3