Kidney cancer, cancer without early symptoms

Zahra Mobin,1,* Daniyal afrazeh,2

1. Young Researchers and Elite Club, Zahedan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zahedan, Iran
2. Zahedan Islamic Azad University



The kidneys are a pair of organs in the human body that are located on either side of the spine and in the lower abdomen and are part of the urinary tract. most kidney cancer occurs in people over 40 years old, but no one knows the exact cause of the disease. studies have identified risk factors such as cigarette smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, and long-term dialysis for developing kidney cancer.


According to research done in this field in other articles and journals :smoking, excessive obesity, high blood pressure, prolonged dialysis, van hipple lynda syndrome, and occupational sensitivity, are one of the most common causes of kidney cancer.


Kidney cancer from the beginning does not cause a symptom, but when it indicates that blood is present in the urine, pain in the side that does not disappear, a mass on the side or abdomen, weight loss, fever and a lot of fatigue can be. to diagnose this cancer, the doctor carries out a physical examination, urine test, blood test, ultrasound. using information that the physician gains from the results of the tests, he can find the appropriate treatment that can be used to treat the disease, including arterial embolization, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or medication.


Surgery is the most common type of treatment for kidney cancer. surgery treats cancer in all areas and near the tumor. different medications can be used to treat kidney cancer. these drugs can help the immune system attack cancer cells.


Kidney cancer, blood tests, kidney surgery