enrichment analysis of hsa-mir-320b-1 most related pathways in cancer

Sahar Janghorban,1,* Pardis saadatmand2,2 Mansoureh azadeh23,3 Kamran ghaedi4,4

1. *1-Division of cellular and Molecular Biology,Department of Biology, Nour danesh Institute of Higher Education,Meymeh,Is
2. 2-ZistfanavaryNovin,Biotechnology Institute,Isfahan,Iran
3. 3-Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Basic Science,Najafabad Branch,Islamic Azad University,Najafabad,Isfahan,Iran
4. 4-Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology,Department of Biology,Faculty of Science,University of Isfahan.Isfahan,Iran



Introduction: cancer is a complex disease in which the expression of the gene is unbalanced. micrornas are a group of non-coding rnas that have a length of about 18 to 25 nucleotides and, after transcription, affect the expression of the gene.in fact, micrornas act as biomarkers to regulate the expression of genes at the mrna level and act as an oncomir or tumor suppressor. transcription, affect the expression of the gene.they do this by completing the complementary sequence, which is often targeted at the mrna region of the 3’utr.recent studies have shown important roles in many biological functions for these rnas, including the role they play in cancer-related processes. for this purpose, bioinformatics studies are required to explore the comprehensive molecular function of the micrornas in cancers.


Materials and methods: by considering the role of hsa-mir-320b-1 in cancer, for obtaining predicted targets of hsa-mir-320b-1, mimat id of active arm was picked from mirbase database and inserted in mirwalk2.0 database. finally, for obtaining the most related pathways of hsa-mir-320b-1, the entrez ids of predicted targets were inserted into david database.


Result: our data manifested kegg signaling pathways "glioma"and "pancreatic cancer" and "prostate cancer" and "melanoma" and "chronic myeloid leukemia" as the most statistical relevant pathway with hsa-mir-320b-1 targetome.


Coclusion: information from all of above signaling pathways indicates that microrna part of the mapk signaling pathway route targets the erk gene and with this targeting the erk gene prevents cell growth and proliferation .according to these studies, it is predicted that hsa-mir-320b-1 acts as a tumor suppressor microrna that prevents the activation of a number of genes that are involved in the process of "cell growth" and "proliferation" and may be in prognosis of cancer by altering some of the signaling vital ones.


Cancer ⁄signaling pathway ⁄microrna ⁄ hsa-mir-320b-1