Isolation and of merkel cell polyomavirus(mcv) in patient with skin cancer

Bita Tavakkol,1,*



Skin cancer is the most common malignancy in the world, with high disability and mortality is relatively low (except for melanoma, which has a high mortality). polyomaviruses small viruses with double-stranded dna genome by weight and are approximately 5 to 5.4 kb. mcpyv infection is common in human populations in different parts of the body, especially the skin and the virus is detected. mcc merkel cell carcinoma and skin neuroendocrine cells appears to be an anomaly deformation caused merkel cells. mcc is one of the most lethal skin cancers are more progressive and more than 30% of the cases led to her death. the aim of this study was to investigate the possible role of merkel cell skin cancer is the polyomaviruses might be a solution for the detection and effective treatment of the patient


In this study, 40 samples of paraffin block of skin cancer patients in the age range 42 to 89 years were collected. after cutting and removing paraffin, dna samples extracted, the mcv specific primers were designed using primer express software and copy number of the virus was measured with standard samples.


The results showed that copy number variation merkel cell polyomavirus (mcv) in patients compared to the standard samples, on average, in patients below 60 years 87/57 increased and in people over 60 years the amount of the 93/57 increase in copy number variation is shown. furthermore, the prevalence of skin cancer in men more than women, as 40 cancer samples examined 14 samples were owned by women and 26 were in men. in addition, the average copy number in men 95/73 and 84/41 against women was shown. on the other hand, copy number merkel cell polyomaviruses and tumor size were significant of disease (p=0.0001). the size of the tumor disease and polyomaviruses merkel cell is directly proportional to copy number


Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare but invasive type of skin cancer. mcpyv virus principally in the form of the normal flora of the skin, but the effect of mutation finds the ability to create carcinoma. the best way for early detection and timely treatment of cancer, also detect viral origin of cancer, the patient can be diagnosed at an early stage targeted therapy using treatment and appropriate medications only destroyed the tumor cells


Merkel cell polyomaviruses, skin cancer, real time pcr