Relationship between hypertension in the first trimester of pregnancy with weight and height at birth

Zeynab Hatameyan,1,* Dr. lida moghaddam banaem,2 Dr sarang younesi,3 saeed delshad,4



Background: hypertensive disorders with a prevalence of %5-10 are among the main causes of morbidity and mortality in mothers and newborns around the world they can reduce fetal growth and decrease birth weight by decreasing the blood flow of placenta. the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of early pregnancy hypertension on the weight and height of birth.


Methods: in this prospective cohort study, 466 pregnant women aged 18-40 years old with a gestational age less than 14 weeks attending nilou -tehran lab for their routine prenatal tests, were studied. hypertension at time ofthe study was defined as: bp≥130 / 85 mmhg. after delivery, baby's weight and height information were obtained by asking from the mother (baby's birth card).


Results: hypertension was observed among 11 (2.4%) of mothers. in mann-whitney analysis, a significant relationship was found between hypertension in the first trimester of pregnancy and weight and height at birth, the infant mean weight in mothers with and without hypertension were 2808 ± 516 and 3148 ± 417gr respectively (p-value: 0.014), and mean height of infants in mothers with and without hypertension were 48 ± 2.8 and 50 ± 2.6 cm, respectively (p-value: 0.020).


Conclusion: in this study, newborns of mothers with early pregnancy hypertension had lower weight and height compared to others. due to limited studies in this regard (hypertension defined as bp≥130/85 mm hg), these findings need to be further investigated in future studies.


Keywords: pregnancy; hypertension; anthropometric indices; newborn