Tuberculosis is a common hiv infection, control and treatment

Daniyal Afrazeh,1,* Zahra mobin,2

1. Zahedan Islamic Azad University
2. Young Researchers and Elite Club, Zahedan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zahedan, Iran



Points out pulmonary that more than all the be without lymph node, pylorus , urinary tract , bones and joints , meninges. in fact , each limb can be affected.tuberculosis is the main cause of the death of people with aids. it is the most curable common disease associated with hiv and is the most common cause of death among people infected with hiv / aids in countries with high levels of the disease


Collection of information from books, scientific articles and websites is an overview. clinical manifestations of extra pulmonary tuberculosis in loghman - hakim hospital article journal of the medic-east


Tuberculosis dramatically reduces the survival of plwha's life. hiv affects the immune system and increases the likelihood that the patient will reappear with tuberculosis. this also enhances the progression of the spread of hidden tuberculosis and the reoccurrence of the disease in previously treated patients. hiv enhances the prevalence of tuberculosis, especially in the african subtype of 60 to 80 the percentage of tuberculosis patients in some countries is also infected with hiv.


The main reason for the failure of tb control goals is in high hiv infections. both diseases create a fatal combination because they are progressive more than one of them. the high prevalence of tuberculosis in people with hiv means increased health facilities, higher rates of mortality and illness (the prevalence of the disease) and lower rates of successful treatment.


Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, signs of occurrence, treatment