Altered mir-335-5p and mir-124-3p expression in gastric cancer

Ali Zare,1,* Mir davood omrani,2 Hamid ghaedi,3



Gastric cancer (gc) is fourth most common cancer and third leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide. considerable efforts have been devoted to study gc, however, the exact mechanisms of gc development remained elusive. some studies suggested that micrornas (mirs) were dysregulated in gc and accordingly they could be served as a prognostic biomarker for disease. the study was aimed to evaluate expression level of mir-335-5p and mir-124-3p in gastric cancer tissue compared with normal tissue.


A total of 60 distinct patients with gastric cancer, and 60 age and sex matched healthy individuals were included. we used poly-a sybr green qpcr approach to study mirna expression. all statistical analysis was peformed in r environment.


The expression levels of mir-335-5p and mir-124-3p were significantly different amongst cancerous and normal tissue (p value < 0.05). we found that the expression levels of mir-335-5p and 124-3p showed no significant difference in male and female samples (p value < 0.05).


Our findings suggest that altered microrna expression levels coulde differentiate gc cancer from normal tissues, however this not clear that such mirs expression profile is primary in gc or secondary to cancer environment.


Gastric cancer, expression, mir-335-5p, mir-124-3p