A report on the treatment of skin wounds in diabetic patients with laser

Mohammad Asadi,1,* Elnaz abedini,2

1. E MS



Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which a person has high blood glucose levels due to inadequate insulin production by the pancreas. wounds in these individuals cannot heal properly over time due to circulatory changes that hinder and stagnate the healing process.


We report the case of an 67-year-old female type 2 diabetes mellitus carrier, presenting to clinical-dermatological examination pressure ulcer (pu) in the right calcaneus region.


The patient was treated with photodynamic therapy using curcumin and blue light-emitting diodes (leds), laser therapy, and the application of a cellulose membrane in order to promote ulcer decontamination by local action, accelerate wound healing, and maintain favorable conditions of asepsis and moisture, respectively. the ulcer healing occurred after 30 days of treatment and total epithelialization was observed.


From the results obtained in this case report, we conclude that the combination of photodynamic therapy, laser therapy, and coating with a cellulose membrane is a promising treatment for the healing of pu in diabetic patients.


Laser therapy treatment dermatological