Importance of parents characteristics of the embryo donator: male patients opinion

Kobra Khajavi shojaie,1,* Zahra jouhari ,2 Ashraf pirasteh,3 mohammad tayyeb,4

1. Shahed University
2. Shahed University
3. Shahed University
4. Shahed University



Introduction: embryo donation is one of the technologies associated with infertility treatment. indications for embryo donation include the possibility of transmission of genetic diseases to the next generation and the inability to use the gamete donation. the aim of this study was to determine importance of donor parents characteristics of embryo of opinion of male patients in shaheed mostafa khomeini hospital.


Material and methods: this study was a descriptive cross-sectional survey that was conducted in 2018 in shaheed mostafa khomeini hospital. the participants included 225 male patients when received the questionnaire.


Results: the mean age of participants was 39.62 ± 11.66, the lowest was 20 and the highest was 75, most of them were 32 years of age. from the participants point of view, parents characteristics of the embryo donator were: beauty, age, ethnicity and race, university education, physical health, mental health and religion. mental health and physical health of the donors parent were ranked first and second respectively (70.2%, 67.6%). and academic education and religion had the least importance, respectively (19.6%, 28.4%). the attitude of the participants according to their level of education and level of knowledge showed a significant statistical difference with regard to the results of the anova test, respectively (p = 0.007) (p<00.01).


Conclusion: based on the results, it is concluded that the attitude of male patients about embryo donation has a significant relationship with level of education and level of knowledge.


Keywords: attitude, embryo donation, assisted reproductive technology, male.