A new world with stem cells

Niloofar Afrazeh,1,*

1. Islamic Azad University of Dezful



The advent of tissue rebuilding and tissue repair is the new branch of tissue engineering, which is the science of medicine, which is the epitome of hope for the treatment of many diseases. in the meantime, the use of stem cells due to its unique features has unlimited proliferation and capability. this paper examines the use of stem cells in medical science.


In the development of this article, a review of many sources and books has been used, including books by guyton - hall physics books, as well as sciencedirect and scopus and wikipedia, and many articles.


In the near future, the use of stem cells can be useful in the treatment of many illnesses and is considered as a very important cellular storage. however, this requires further investigation.


There are various barriers to the use of stem cells, including the reduction of immunity and, consequently, the probability of infection and the risk of cancer, so that stem cells should be carefully used and used in such a way that the only way to treat it.


Stem cell, cancer, medical,parkinson