Extraction and purification of antimicrobial agents from serratia marcescens

Seyedeh maryam Mousavi,1,* Bita archangi,2 Hossein zolgharnein,3 Isaac zamani,4

1. khoramshahr university of marine science and technology
2. khoramshahr university of marine science and technology
3. khoramshahr university of marine science and technology
4. khoramshahr university of marine science and technology



S. marcescens is a gram-negative bacteria that produces many compounds such as biosurfactant, fatty acids, enzymes and pigment compounds. the abilities of this bacterium can be used in biotechnology. with regard to the infectious diseases spread and the resistance of pathogenic strains to common antibiotics, efforts to find natural compounds with antimicrobial activity have increased. accordingly, in this study, prodigiosin and bacteriocin compounds of s. marcescens were extracted and purified and their antimicrobial properties were investigated.


After isolation and molecular identification of the s. marcescens, the bacterium was cultured in peptone glycerol medium and then the compounds were separated by centrifugation and methanol as solvent. column chromatography was used to purify these compounds and their structure was confirmed by ft-ir. antimicrobial effect of purified prodigiosin and bacteriocin was evaluated using disc diffusion method on some bacterial strains.


The results showed that purified prodigiosin had antimicrobial activity against escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacillus subtilis and staphylococcus aureus. bacteriocin showed antimicrobial effect against e. coli strains.


According to these results, we can use s. marcescens as a source of natural antimicrobial compounds against some pathogenic strains that noted.


S. marcescens, prodigiosin, bacteriocin, antimicrobial agents