Antimicrobial effect of rosemary extract

Faezeh Fallah,1,* Amir arasteh,2

1. Islamic Azad University of Rasht



Rosemary is a herbaceous, stable plant that has a wooden stem to a height of half to one meter.its green leafs are permanent and very fragrant, also they are slim and long and sharp. this plant is native to the mediterranean but it is cultivated in different parts of the world. historical reports on rosemary therapeutic use as a herbal medicine are available. from centuries ago, rosemary was one of the oldest known medicinal plants that has been used to strengthen memory and brain activity.


antimicrobial effect of rosemary extract on pseudomonas aeruginosa and acinetobacter with disc diffusion method and minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) and minimum bactericidal concentration (mbc) with the tubular method was tested.


inhibition zone of pseudomonas aeruginosa and acinetobacter are, the well diffusion 10mm and disc diffusion 10mm, the well diffusion 19mm and disc diffusion 22mm respectively .and the results of mbc and mic are 2.5 mg/ml and 1.25 mg/ml for pseudomonas aeruginosa and no mbc and 5 mg/ml for acinetobacter respectively.


today, because of the medicine resistance that is one of the world�s greatest concern, rosemary can be used for medical purposes.


Rosemary, antimicrobal, acinetobacter, pseudomonas aeruginosa