Cucurbitacin d from ecballium elaterium (l.) a. rich upregulates bcl-2 gene in human gastric cancer cell line ags

Naser Jafargholizadeh,1,* Seyed jalal zargar,2



Medicinal plants are potential sources of new drugs and natural therapies based on them are becoming increasingly important means of disease treatment. the ecballium elaterium (l.) a. rich is a wild toxic herb from cucurbitaceae family that produce cucurbitacin molecules and has medicinal importance in traditional treatment prescriptions (1). cucurbitacins target several signalling pathways and exhibit a range of anti-cancer functions (2). in this study, we aimed to investigate the effects of cucurbitacins d purified from e. elaterium fruits on bcl-2 gene in ags cell line.


Using quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (qrt-pcr), the expression of bcl-2 gene were quantified in ags cells 24 hours after treatment with cucurbitacin d.


Purified cucurbitacin d upregulated bcl-2 in ags cells (p-value <0.05).


Cucurbitacin d purified from e. elaterium fruits upregulate bcl-2 in human gastric cancer cell line ags. the present study provides new insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying cucurbitacin-mediated cell death in gastric cancer.


Cucurbitacin, cancer