can air pollution impact of sperm parameters? a meta- analysis

Tahereh Fathi najafi,1,* Parsa elyasi rad,2



Air pollution is common in all countries and affects reproductive functions in men and women. it particularly impacts sperm parameters in men. the aim of this meta-analysis was to examine the impact of air pollution on quality of sperm.


The scientific databases of medline, pub med, scopus, google scholar, cochrane library, elsevier were searched to identify relevant articles published between 1978 to 2014 (76 articles).the first step of study 76 articles had been selected, they were ecological correlation, cohort, retrospective, cross-sectional, case control studies were considered through electronic and hand search of references about air pollution and male infertility. the outcome measurement was change in sperm parameters. a total of 11 articles were ultimately included in a meta-analyzing comparing the impact of air pollution on sperm parameters. the authors applied meta analysis sheets from cochrane library ,then data extraction including mean and standard deviation of sperm parameters were calculated and then their ci were compared with ci of standard parameters.


The ci for pooled means were: 2.68±0.32 for ejaculation volume, 62.1±15.88 for sperm concentration, 39.4±5.52 for sperm motility, 23.91±13.43 for sperm morphology and 49.53±11.08 for sperm count.


The results of this meta-analysis study showed that air pollution can reduce sperm motility and the other parameters of spermogeram have not been changed and it seems that air pollution can reduce sperm motility.


Male infertility,