A review article on treatment with stem cells: complications and problems

Narges Varmazyar,1,* Hoda ghalei,2

1. Alzahra University
2. Islamic Azad University,Arak Branch



Nowadays, various methods of treatment with stem cells are developing fast while such treatments have different and sometimes unpredictable complications, less concerned. stem cells are the ones which have the potentiality of both unlimited self-renewing and differentiating various cells. because of these two features, in research studies and therapeutic fields, such cells are frequently used which are practical in biomedicine –stem cells therapy, disease modelling, and drug screening.


Surveying different articles related to the subject


As there is no efficient information regarding stem cells and their unpredictable factors, treatment with such cells contains different and sometimes unpredictable side effects. thus, it is recommended to postpone the usage of such methods till the complete recognition of stem cells will happen.


This article endeavors to have a comprehensive view on the problems of treatment with stem cells as one of the most recent methods which is hastily being replaced with the common ones, and offers a new classification concerning the different effective factors on the process of treatment and the appearance of complications, such as the origin of the used cells for a patient, type of his illness and other cases.


Stem cells, treatment, complications