Evaluation of nitrosative stress in sprayer workers

Meisam Javadi aghjehkohal,1,* Mohammad abdollahi teimourlouei,2 Morteza vahed jabbari,3 Saed tarzi,4 Rasoul sharifi,5



Agricultural pesticides have an important impact on human health and farmers are people who are more exposed to pesticides and pesticides and they create physiological and biochemical changes. therefore, the aim of this the study evaluation nitrosative stress in men who have long-term exposure to spraying.


The present study is an experimental study whose target population were 90 people. they were divided into two treatment groups (45 man) with six-month spraying experience and the control group (45 man) without any spraying experience. blood samples were enrolled from all subjects and serum nitric oxide (no) was measured using the zellbio gmbh kit. the results were compared using spss version 19 and independent sample t-test method.


The results of this study showed that the no level in the control group was 48.19 ± 18.68 ng/dl while in the treatment group it was 55.99 ± 14.14 ng/dl and there was no significant difference between them (p>0.05).


Exposure to pesticides has no significant effect on nitrosative stress in spraying people.


Sprayer men, nitrosative stress, nitric oxide.