The anticancer effect of plant aqueous extracts of aloe vera in gene expression bax and bcl-2 on gastric adenocarcinoma ags cells

Nazila Tariverdi,1,*



Gastric cancer is a major cause of cancer death. in terms of incidence is the fourth most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in the world. aloe vera plant belongs to the liliaceae family and contain a variety of valuable minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant. the aim of this study was investigate changes in gene expression of bax and bcl-2 in human ags adenocarcinoma cells, which treated with aqueous extract of aloe vera, using real-time pcr quantitative methods


The present study is case-control. the aqueous extract of aloe vera were prepared in different concentrations. ags adenocarcinoma cells were treated with aloe vera aqueous extract in different groups and times. rna extraction and cdna synthesis was performed, and gene expression of bcl-2 and bax was evaluated by real time pcr. finally the obtained results were analyzed by statistical software


: bax and bcl-2 expression at 72 and 48 hours, showed significant changes only in 800μg/ml dose. the bax gene showed significant increase at the 72h. bcl-2 gene showed significant reduce at 48h and significant increase and at 72h.


Aloe vera extract increases the expression of bax to bcl-2 in 48 hours and this change leading the gastric cancer cells to apoptosis. the results of bax/bcl-2 was significant at 800μg/ml dose, and can be effective in improving gastric cancer


: aloe vera, bax, bc