Identification of oral strains of lactobacillus.species in patients with chronic periodontitis and healthy individuals

Tahereh Sheshpari,1,* Seyed mahmoud aminmarashi ,2 Atefe shamosi,3

1. Ministry of Health
2. Ministry of Health
3. Ministry of Health



Oral infections constitute some of the most common and costly forms of infections in humans.chronic periodontitis has been defined as an infectious disease resulting in inflammation within the supporting tissues of teeth and progressive attachment loss and bone loss.the etiology is clearly bacterial and a number of putative bacterial pathogens have been associated with disease .with increased microbial resistances,bacteriotherapy new methods is an alternative, promising way to overcome the infection by using useful bacteria to displace pathogenic bacteria.that to regulate oral microbiota also elimination pathogens and assistance to dental and mouth health. lactobacillus.spp as a probiotic can used for helping therapeutic action.


Identification of oral strains lactobacillus.spp in tongue,subgingival plaque,saliva specimens of periodotitis and healthy subjects by cultivation method and16srrnarflp-pcr,sequencing molecular techniques.was evaluated their antibacterial activity against mouth pathogens by radial diffusion assay .cell culture method with standard cell lines for adhesion activity invitro.


Was isolated several oral strains lactobacillus.spp and was reduced their percentage in periodontitis persons. their adhesion activity togingival,tongue standard epithelial cells by some strains and also antimicrobial activity against oral pathogens was observed invitro.


Probiotics are emerging as a fascinating field in oral medicine.this concept prompts a new horizon onthe relationship between diet and oral health.there is increasing evidence that the use of existing lactobacillus strains can deliver oral health benefits and was prevented of oral diseases.the oral bacteria are transferred to the stomach together with saliva,which is secreted in large volumes.therefore,the oral probiotics in the proper amount must have potential to adhere to oral tissues.


Chronic periodontitis disease , oral probiotics, lactobacillus.spp