The effect of diet in preventing of colorectal cancer: a systematic review

Ozra Moftakhar aghdam,1,* Dr.hamid mohaghegh,2 Faeze karamiani,3



Colorectal cancer (crc) is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in worldwide and it is established that diet has an important role in developing crc. in this systematic review study, we evaluated association between the consumption of various nutrients and colorectal cancer.


In this systematic review, we searched in google scholar and pubmed-ncbi and used keywords related to the subject matter up to 2017. first, abstracts were studied. after, excluding unrelevant studies. finally, relevant studies were selected to enter in this study.


Red and processed meat consumption most probably increase the risk of colorectal cancer. fruits and vegetables can prevent from colorectal cancer due to presence of materials such as fiber in them. dairy products due to presence of materials such as calcium in them have positive effects in preventing of crc. the absorption of calcium is also largely dependent on vitamin d, which shows the positive effect of vitamin d in preventing the onset of crc. alcohol consumption increases the risk of crc. fish have been shown to have a positive impact on the prevention of colorectal cancer due to presence of omega-3 fatty acids in that.


We can prevent colorectal cancer by modifying the diet and preventing harmful food consumption such as processed meat and increasing consumption of healthy food such as foods containing fiber and calcium. despite the many studies done on this topic, further studies are needed due to the contradictory results.


Diet, nutrient, colorectal cancer