Combinatorial therapy of anti-treg vaccine associated with anti-tumor dc vaccine in mice tumor therapy

Neda Mousavi niri,1,* Jamshid hadjati,2 Maryam naseroleslami,3 Arash memarnejadian,4 Nosratollah zarghami,5



Regulatory t cells (tregs) obviously have a crucial role in attenuation of anti-tumor immune responses. application of recombinant foxp3 vaccine inducing anti-treg immune responses accompanied with cell therapy by dendritic cells expressing tumor antigens, is a hopeful approach in mice model of cancer immunotherapy.


Dna vaccine and its respective recombinant protein of foxp3-fc fusion construct as anti-treg vaccines were injected to c57/b6 mice followed by melanoma tumor injection (two weeks after last vaccination) and dendritic cell-based anti-tumor immunotherapy. the improvement of immunotherapy results was evaluated in anti-treg vaccinated group compared to control group by different immune assays.


Anti-tumor combinational therapy by dendritic cells and anti-treg vaccine showed improved results in compared to sole vaccination in tumor growth, survival and other immunologic assays.


According to successful expression of foxp3-fc(igg) and its effectiveness in induction of anti-treg immune responses and improvement of dendritic cell-based immunotherapy, there would be a good prospect for applied strategy and other means of immunotherapy.


Regulatory t cell, foxp3, dendritic cells, immunotherapy