Comparative evaluation of the procurement, distribution of drugs in pharmacies to the standards of food and drug organization of urmiye city

Elnaz Abedini,1,*

1. 19 mayıs univercity of Turkey



supervision of drug affairs is one of the highly important affairs of the ministry of health, treatment and medical education. this study was to evaluate the pharmacies of urmiye city based on the standard of food and drug organization


This study was a descriptive-analytic one which was carried out on 40 pharmacies in urmiye. the evaluative questionnaire developed by food and drug organization was used to collect data and its content validity and reliability estimating cronbach’s alpha were confirmed. the data were analyzed descriptively (mean and standard deviation) and inferentially (t-test and friedman rank sum test)


The findings of the study revealed that pharmacy space, prescription status, refrigerated medicinal products, licenses, and general status of pharmacies of urmiye are not in parallel with the related standards, but the status of medicine and treatment services, production of synthesis drugs, following the related instructions, warehousing condition, provision of pharmaceutical scientific resources, and interaction with other pharmacy-related organizations matched the standard well. there was also a significant difference between private and public pharmacies.


according to the findings of this research study, the status of preparation, storing, and delivery of medicine in urmiye is in line with the standards but in some cases there was a relative adaptation. constant and concise supervision of the food and drug organization, and public and private informing through educational brochures and related workshops for pharmacies’ managers and personnel’s can promote the current status.


Drug organization, pharmacies of urmiye city ,procurement, distribution