Effects of a combination of nigella saliva, melissa officinalis extract, and fennel fruits on healthy menopausal women with sexual dysfunction: results from a subpopulation analysis

Shima Afshar,1,* Maryam molaie,2 Gholamreza amin,3 Mahboobeh shirazi,4 Fariba afshar,5

1. shahid beheshti university of medical sciences
2. islamic azad university, pharmaceutical branch
3. tehran university of medical sciences
4. tehran university of medical sciences
5. pavlov first saint petersburg state medical university



Menopause is a critical and sensitive period and has common sexual disorders. this study was aimed to compare the therapeutic effect of the combination of area part of melissa officinalis and fennel fruits extract with nigella sativa powder with placebo on menopausal symptoms of post-menopausal women.


This randomized clinical trial was conducted in tehran islamic azad university of pharmaceutical sciences, from april 2015 to october 2017. forty –eight menopausal women referred to the clinic of gorgan health centers with the age between 41 and 54 years; natural menopause confirmed by amenorrhea for at least 12 months; discomfort a hot flash were randomized to two treatment groups . group 1 (27 patients) received 1000 mg (melissa officinalis extract, nigella saliva powder, and fennel fruits) and group 2 (21 subjects) received placebo in an eight-week course of treatment (1 per day for each group). the mean and frequency of the variables in the female sexual function index questionnaire (fsfi) was compared in the two groups before and post intervention.


The mean age in the herbal treatment group was 46.9 ± 4 years and in the placebo group was 47.5 ± 6.3 years, and t-test did not show this difference in two groups. (p = 0.68) there was no significant difference in the improvement of sexual dysfunction compared to the placebo group in the combined product group.


The present study showed that the combination of nigella saliva, melissa officinalis extract, and fennel fruits generally does not reduce sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women.


Menopause, fsfi questionnaire, melissa officinalis, nigella saliva fennel fruits.