Study on the neuroprotective effects of a novel indole-containing pseudopeptide, 5f, on despair mice model

Golnaz Mohebzadeh,1 Nahid fakhraie,2 Ahmad reza dehpour,3,*



The indole-containing pseudopeptides introduced as effective molecules to the treatment of different neurological disorders including depression. although, a different efficient synthesis method of indole-containing pseudopeptides are presented based on several methods and observation, introducing the more effective and safer protocol to functional indole-containing pseudopeptides prepration have been sensed.


A novel indole-containing pseudopeptide, 5f, synthesized in chemistry department, khaje nasir toosi university, tehran, iran. the neuroprotective effect of 5f on behavioral despair was evaluated by forced-swim test and tail suspension test in male mice. due to high lipophilicity of the synthesized compound and impossibility solving in saline, we managed to prepare our compound in suspension form. the compound was levigated with glycerin and then tween 80 (0.5%) employed as a surfactant and emulsifier. the drugs were injected intraperitoneally (i.p.) 30 minutes before the tests.


5f in 2.5, 5, 10 mg/kg dosages significantly reduced the neuroprotection mechanisms and improved immobility behavior in a dose-dependent manner. moreover, no significant changes in the locomotors activity of the animals were detected


Based on our observation, the novel indole-containing pseudopeptides, 5f, was probably capable to decrease the neurodegenerative mechanisms. we recorded and dosing response improved in the despair mice model behavioral tests.


Neuroprotective effects; novel indole-containing pseudopeptide; 5f; behavioral scores; despair mice