Formulation of cladribine emulgel for topical delivery and evaluation of its transdermal absorption

Darya Vafadarafshar,1,* Javad shokri,2 Khosro adibkia,3 Yousef javadzadeh,4

1. Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
2. Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
3. Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
4. Tabriz University of Medical Sciences



Transdermal drug delivery is a simple and non-invasive way of drug delivery and has lower systemic side effects and toxicity compared to other routs of administration. skin is one of the important tissues which may be affected in autoimmune diseases and cladribine may have specific immunomodulatory effects on proinflammatory cells and cytokines


Formulations of emul-gel bases with different ratios of aquos and organic phases were prepared. best formulations based on their physicochemical properties were selected. carbopolĀ®934 were used as gelling agent. transdermal absorption through the full thickness abdominal skin of rats was measured by franz diffusion cell apparatus and drug concentration analyzed by hplc equipped with uv-vis detector in 265nm


The total drug absorption from emulgel based formulation was significantly higher than simple-gel (about 3/5 fold greater). the steady state flux of emul-gel based formulation also was about 5/5 fold higher than simple gel


the drug transdermal absorption is greatly improved by using of emul-gel base in formulation


Transsdermal absoption, emulgel formulation, cladribine