Influence of information technology on pharmaceutical industry: a systematic review

Shervin Amirkhanloo,1,* Reza enayatifard,2

1. Faculty of Pharmacy, Student research committee, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
2. Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences



The current century is the age of explosion of knowledge information and the information technology(it) plays an important role in our society such as industries and medical fields. pharmaceutical industry is associated with the population health by r&d(research and development), manufacturing and marketing drugs. the inflow of data is a lot in this industry which gets more complex day after day. therefore, a good information management is important to provide high quality products and improve the population health.


This systematic review was conducted according to the prisma guidelines. pubmed/meldine and scopus databases were searched for published papers from january 2010 to june 2018 by keywords like “pharmaceutical industry”, “information technology”, “drug industry” and their synonyms according to medical subheading (mesh). papers were entered into endnote to remove duplications. inclusion criteria were applied to each paper such as english and persian languages. papers with irrelevant topics or unclear methodology and results were excluded.


In this systematic review, 669 papers were identified in the search after removing duplications. finally, 7 papers were included into the study after applying inclusion and exclusion criteria in several steps. studies showed that it improves functions of pharmaceutical industries by information management in several ways such as laboratory information management systems(lims), electronic data captures(edc) instead of using papers for documentations, clinical trial management, electronic batch records(ebr), work flow management, etc. information technology also can be effective on better marketing management and supply chain approaches like purity, resilience and agility.


Correct data management by using technologies can be effective on quality control process and decision making of pharmaceutical industries in order to have a better healthcare system and economic progress.


Information technology; pharmaceutical industry; pharmaceutical management.