The effects of herbal medicine in the diabetes mellitus, systematic review

Helisa Yousefi,1,* Kimia amiri,2 Fateme askarian sardari,3 Hamidreza jamshidi,4

4. Toxicology department, school of pharmacy, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran



Type 2 diabetes mellitus (t2dm) may be caused by elevated oxidative stress. the phytochemicals in several herbal medicines were reported to effectively ameliorate diabetic complication. the aim of this present study was to determine the effect of medicine plants.


Pubmed, google scholar and google were searched from 2014 up to 20 october 2018.


Studies were reviewed for efficacy of plants. these studies showed significant decrease in blood glucose after treatment with cinnamomum sp, zingiber officinale, abelmoscus esculentus, green cardamom, silybum marianum, green tea, crocus sativus l. and juglas regia leaf all of these plants cinnamomum sp, zingiber officinale, abelmoscus esculentus, cardamom sp, silybum marianum, green tea, crocus sativus l. and juglas regia leaf 100 % caused hypoglycemia. cinnamomum sp, green tea also had effects on reduction hba1c. cinnamomum sp, crocus sativus 25% had effects on reduction of fbs. cinnamomum sp, cardamom sp, silybum marianum, juglas regia leaf 50% had antioxidant effects. discussion: some of plants had another effects like: inhibition of sever transcriptional pathway, lipid peroxidation and carbohydrate-metabolizing enzymes, and hmg-coa reductase and the activation of antioxidant enzyme capacity in zingiber officinale. juglas regia leaf powder had protection against pancreas, liver and kidney tissue injury . silibin a and b in milk of silybum marianum has also demonstrated beneficial effects on several diabetes mellitus mainly by means of its anti-oxidant properties.


Cinamomum sp had modest effects on fbs and hba1c. cardamom was rich effect on glycemic status, lipid profile,axidative stress,biomarkers,sirt1 and irisin in t2dm .green tea extract significantly improve insulin resistant and increase glucagon like peptide but in another study showed that green tea did not decrease the level of fbs and hba1c and ogtt2h in population at risk of the t2dm.saffron hydro alcoholic extract may improve blood glucose control by reducing fbs but no statistical difference in hba1c and serum lipids and blood pressure. attention to these use full medicinal plants can help us to obtain new drugs in the treatment of t2dm for reduction of glucose.


Diabetes, medicinal plants, oxidative stress