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Welcome to the 2nd National Pharmaceutical Festival and the 2nd International Biopharma Congress The field of Pharmaceutical sciences has countless capacities in education, Research, Knowledge production, Product Development and the present the Advanced Pharmaceutical Services across the Country and the Region. Annually, a Significant number of Pharmaceutical Research Activities are being conducted at pharmaceutical University throughout the Country, Leading to the production of Papers, Patents, Book Publishing and Present the Specialized Pharmacy Services . these Achievements have turned Pharmacology in to an area of Unparalleled Prominence in providing Health-Related Services, Especially in the field of Modern Technologies. In order to Institutionalize the Culture of Evaluating these achievements, to appreciate the educational services, the Researches of Faculty members and Students of Pharmacy throughout the Country and Encourage the activists of the Country s Pharmaceutical Industry to strengthen the Relationship between Industry and the University and completing the Research process from Idea to Operation ,The 2nd National Biomedical Festival and the International Biompharma Congress, will be hold by the Tehran Medical University, the Biotechnology Development Council of Vice Presidency for science and Technology , the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical industry and with the support of the Nasim Biological and Vaccination Institute, On 24th to 27th of December, in Tehran International Exhibitions center.

Specified Topics

Herbal and Traditional MedicinesDr. Mahnaz QomiFaculty Member of Islamic Azad University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Vaccine and Biologic medicineDr. Hosein RastegarDirector of the Health Committee of Biotechnology Developement Council of Vice Presidency for Science and Technology
Economic and Drug ManagementDr. Bahman Kargar ShahamatAssistant Professor of Management Dept., at Islamic Azad University
Research and Dvelopement in Drug IndustryDr. Manouchehr Dadgar NejadVice Chancellor of Halal Research National center of Islamic Republic of Iran
Management and Pharmacy EconomicsDr. Shohreh Zand PazandiPharmacological Sciences Pharmacy Director
Pharmaco Medical BiotechnologyDr. Esmaeel Sadr-e-diniResearch Vice chancellor of School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine Tehran Medical University
Pharmacology and Clinical ToxicologyDr. Seyedeh Elahe Mousaviproffesor of Pharmacology Tehran Medical University
Medical NanotechnologyDr. Mehdi Adabiproffesor of Nanotechnology Tehran University