Obsessive-compulsive disorder and related factors in ms patients.

Kosar Babaei,1,* Tahereh babaei,2 Sadeghali tazikeh,3

1. Tonekabon Azad University
2. Golestan University of Medical Sciences & Health Services
3. Golestan University of Medical Sciences & Health Services



Multiple sclerosis (ms) is a myelin sheath degradation disease in the central nervous system (cns). ms is a major cause of neurodevelopmental disorder in young adults, and therefore has significant personal, social and economic costs. the association of multiple sclerosis with psychiatric disorders has been confirmed. depression is the most common psychiatric disorder among ms patients. ocd, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, is an anxiety disorder characterized by a combination of obsessive-compulsive disorder. studies have shown that ocd has been reported in patients with ms.


The present study is a cross sectional cross-sectional study. participants from 130 ms patients referred to gorgan neurology specialists clinic have participated in a valid questionnaire for yale brown obsessive-compulsive disorder y-bocs). then, the demographic information of the participants in the study was recorded in the questionnaire and the data was analyzed by spss.v16 software and various statistical tests.


The frequency of ocd in patients with ms was 16.9 %. the ocd was significantly correlated with the duration of disease (pv:./..2 (-0r:8.14. ocd was also significantly correlated with bmi.


Our study reported a high incidence of ocd in ms patients. the reason for the combination of these two conditions is not clear, but there should be research to determine the cause of this combination to take the necessary measures to treat and improve quality of life.


Obsessive compulsive disorder, multiple sclerosis, frequency