Holding the Fourth Congress Official Meeting in the Presidential Place

According to the Public Relations of Congress, the 4th official meeting of the 2nd International Biomedical Congress was held at the Office of the Iran s Biotechnology Development, Headquarters of the Vice-Presidency Administration with the presence of the chairman of the congress and some members of the panels The meeting was held with the presence of Dr. Mostafa Ghanei, Dr. Seyed Davar Siadat, Dr. Jafar Ai, Dr. Mohammad Nasehi, Dr. Mahdi Adabi, Dr. Leila Daliri, Dr. Zarif Yeganeh, Dr. Elahe Motawaseli, Dr. Majid Mesgar Tehrani and Milad Roshan. The executive secretary of the 2nd International Biomedical Congress, while presenting a brief description of the first period of the Congress, introduced the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Royan Institute, and the Islamic Azad University as the main organizers of the Congress and the Nasim Biological and Vaccination Research Institute as the sponsor of the Congress. Mesgar Tehrani added: For the welfare of the registrants, the online participation in the congress is also provided and we did not have any increase in registration fees since last year. Dr. Jafar AI (head of the Stem cells and their application in Medicine panel) said that, due to the wide-range of biotechnology and its relationship with the various parts of medical sciences, the focus of the panel s speeches at this year s congress will be on tissue engineering, stem cells and its applications in medicine. Dr Leila Daliri, the representative of the Royan Institute, also said that, the focus of this panel s speeches will be on biology in solving the challenges of diagnosing and treating infertility. Dr. Mostafa Ghanei (Chairman of ICB2018 Congress, Secretary of Iran s Biotechnology Development): Due to the ever-increasing advances in science, we can devote a portion of the time of each panel to talk about the perspective and future of sciences that related to congress axes that in addition to creating an attraction for listeners, it provides this possibility for researchers to have a better prospect for their research.