Cytotoxic evaluation of cumin essential oil on breast cancer cell line (mcf-7)

Fateme Rahmani,1,* Farahnaz falanji ,2 Hasan rezayi seresht,3

1. Islamic azad university of sabzevar
2. Sabzevar University medical science
3. Traditional and Complementary Medicine Research Center, Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences



Cancer can be considered as one of the genetic diseases that reduces the mortality rate in cancer cells in this disease. today, new therapies have been found for cancer. cumin (cuminum cyminum) is a fragrant herb, while cuminaldehyde is main components of its essential oil. in this research, the toxicity of cumin essential oil was investigated .


Seed of cuminum cyminum was colected from sabzevar city ,and then essential oil was extracted by hydrodistilation. the cytotoxic effect of essential oil on the mcf-7 cell line was evaluated by mtt assay. the cultivated cells were exposed to various dilutions of (5, 10, 30, 50, 75, 100, 130, 170, 200) for 24 and 72 hours. the results were analyzed by graphpad prism 6 software.


The results showed that the essential oil of the c. cyminum has cytotoxic effects on the mcf-7 cell line in 24 hours and inhibition of cell growth in 72 hours. the ic50 of cumin seed essential oil was and 83.30 ± 1.31 and 165.05 ± 4.36 μg / ml, respectively.


The findings indicate that the essential oil of the plant after 24 hours exhibited a higher toxicity than 72 hours. however, a more comprehensive investigation could be made about the essential oil cytotoxicity.


Essential oil, cuminum cyminum, mcf-7, cytotoxicity