Effect of emf on semen tbars concentration

Saied Mohammadzadeh,1,* Baba abbasi rozita,2 Askari fatemeh,3

1. Lorestan University
2. Lorestan ubiversity
3. Lorestan ubiversity



Electrical instruments in human life by development of applications causes new biological phenomenon in this century. new electronic devices usually produce electromagnetic field (emf) and radio frequency resonance (rfr) which have bio pollutants. these fields could be effect in biological system and cause worry. there is interaction between emf and human tissue body like reproduction system in male and female. this research was design for investigation of electromagnetic field (emf) on semen ram to determination of tbars concentration( stress indicator) as animal model.


semen samples were collected with the help of artificial vagina. different of fields composed 0(control), 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 (mili tesla) mt were used with wave producer device. tbars concentration of samples was determined by butanol extract and spectrophotometry absorption.


Results were shown that stress indicator was increased up to 2.5 mt but in 3 mt stress indicator (tbars), was decreased significantly. in 3 mt stress was less than control and other treatments. in 3.5 mt stress indicator was increased. it seems that different field on electromagnetic waves have stressor effect except in specific field could play stress controller.


Elecromagnetic field has different effect in semen.


Concentration, electromagnetic field, semen, tbars