Molecular diagnosis of mycoplasma spp. arthritis by pcr

Sakineh Monzavi,1,* Mohammad hassan shahhosseiny,2 Gholamreza taheri sangesari,3

1. Department of biology –Faculty of science, East Tehran Branch -Islamic Azad University –Tehran / Iran
2. Department of Microbiology – shahr-e-Qods Branch – Islamic Azad University –Iranian Gene Fanavar Institute (IGF), Tehran
3. Department of biology –Faculty of science, East Tehran Branch -Islamic Azad University –Tehran / Iran



Arthritis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases. it is characterized by symptoms such as systemic inflammation and autoantibody production. the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of arthritis are not fully understood. it is generally believed that half of the risk factors for arthritis depend on genetic backgrounds such as human leukocyte antigen (hla) alleles and the other half to environmental factors such as smoking and microbial contamination. studies show that many microorganisms, including mycoplasmas, play a role in arthritis. the pcr method is a fast and accurate molecular method for the detection of mycoplasma genus. the main objective of this study is to detection of mycoplasma spp arthritis by pcr method.


In this study, 70 samples of synovial fluid collected from shariati hospital. dna samples were extracted by phenol-chloroform standard method. pcr test of mycoplasma spp was optimized by using of several mycoplasma standard strains and 16s rrna gene target. sensitivity and specificity of test were performed on the basis of standard methods and then performed on the dna extracted of samples.


Pcr product was amplified by 272 bp and was observed on 2% gel electrophoresis. specificity test with dna of other microorganisms showed 100% specificity of these primers. the limit of detection was evaluated 100 copy/reaction. from 70 samples of synovial fluid, 2 samples (2.8%) were positive and 68 cases (97%) were negative


This study showed that a number of infectious arthritis are mycoplasma spp at the same time, and the pcr technique can be used as a sensitive and accurate way of early detection of mycoplasma spp arthritis


Mycoplasm spp, pcr, joint fluid, diagnosis, arthritis